"Meet The McCray's"

Hi, we are Nate and Pam McCray! We are Entrepreneurs and Multi 7 Figure Earners in the industry of Multi Level Marketing. We have built teams of  Life Changers all around the world. Our mission is to help bring change mentally, physically and financially. We believe that when a person realizes that all 3 of these areas need attention they start to tap into their true power!


No matter who you are you need a partner in Life, even if it's not your spouse. We have learned that we both have our own superpowers, and we combine them for maximum effect. We are not alike but we share a common vision that makes us work.  Nothing in life is perfect, but if you go into a partnership with a foundation that no outside influence controls then you have a better chance for longevity in that partnership. How you build it is how you will have to maintain it!

"Created For Greatness"

Once I discovered who I was and the power that I have within…I then started to become! For most of my life I allowed fear to stop me. I used being shy as an excuse. I wanted to win, but fear killed every dream, and I failed time and time again. I had the amazing husband, beautiful children and incredible parents, yet I felt like I did not have a purpose…always feeling like there was more for me to do. Always a “Mommy On A Mission”, but I wanted to be that Mompreneur…a Mommy on a Mission and a Woman with a goal! Then one day it happened, I began to believe in me, realized I was “Created For Greatness” and just like the process of a butterfly, I began to fly! Know today, that greatness is within, you too are “Created For Greatness” and created to fly


30 years of my life was lived inside of a box. I was told what I could have and how much of it I could have! Then I realized there was no box, it was all a cruel trick to keep me blinded to the truth of who I am! I realized that I had to Grind for my freedom! It's not what they say you can have its what you Grind to create. I felt like I needed to define my space, lock the door and start creating, so thats what I did. Knowing God has a purpose for my life that only I can fulfill was all of the motivation I needed and still need to keep going everyday. When I found my lane It was liberating.  The start was scary, edgy but very exciting! It's like finally seeing a light at the end of a long dark tunnel. My journey, my purpose is to help people find that light at the end of their tunnel and show them how to move towards their destiny!  

Multiple 7 Figure Leaders! 


In an ever changing world you need to understand how to leverage your past and present experiences to move forward. 25 years on this industry has afforded us some life lessons that allow us to now thrive and live the life that we have always dreamed of! Our calling is to show others how to maximize on their experiences and not have to go through what we went through! The choice is simple, adapt quickly or be left behind. We have been able to tap into the 3 percenter Lifestyle by focusing on 3 aspects of our life. Mind, Body and Money! 

The Millionaire Momprenuer 

Pam McCray


Our Mission in 2020 is to change the lives of 20 thousand people! Our mission involves those looking for a Mental, physical or financial change. People that are sick and tired of being sick and tired! 2020 is your year, let us help you tap into it! 

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What's All The Noise About?

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A Total Life Change! 

A Total Life Change! 

We weren't getting any younger, so we decided to do something about that! We found products that helped us take control of our health. We feel 25 again! We got our health back! 

  we realized that we didn't want to live paycheck to paycheck anymore! We made a decision to change our lives financially and help others do the same! If you are looking for s vehicle to bridge the gap for your household finances, join our team! 

"The Grind" With Nate& Pam McCray 


Improvise Adapt Overcome! You Are Created For Greatness!

G iving R eal I nsight N eeded D aily

We all have hopes, dreams and desires for our lives. The Grind is the one thing that connects everyone. No matter what you want in life you will have to work to get it and work to keep it. The old adage that stands true today is anything worth having is worth sacrificing for!  When we were children we thought out loud and weren't afraid of talking about those dreams. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood we lost sight of those dreams and became programmed to the world system. We are told to get a job, find a spouse, have some kids and live happily ever after in the rat race called life. The problem is, that those hopes dreams and desires get lost in translation somewhere and we sort of forget about them, life gets in the way right! We get caught out there building a life that we never really wanted and we just go with it. The Grind was created to rekindle everything that God put inside of you to fulfill your purpose, we just need to rediscover it. When we applied one little tweak to our lives everything started to change for us! We simply started to believe that "nothing happened to us, it was all happening for us" theres a lesson in everything! Theres still a light at the end of your tunnel, we just need to get you back on track and rediscover who God created you to be. It wont be easy but it will be worth it!   

Discovery Coaches


If you don't believe in yourself don't expect

anyone else to!


Stay in the game, your turn is coming! 


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